Southeast Highway maintains an enormous inventory of guardrail items across multiple locations to serve our clients on a timely basis. Our extensive guardrail inventory allows us to meet all service requests on an emergency basis 24/7 wherever and whenever. Our customers include the Department of Transportations in Florida (FDOT), the Florida Turnpike Enterprise, and many leading national, regional, and local general contractors. We also have a separate division catering specifically to our private customers, which includes shopping centers, fast food restaurants, car dealers, delivery hubs, amusement parks, and auto racing tracks, among others. We are super proud of our long-standing membership with the Florida Transportation Builders Association (FTBA). Guardrail and end treatments are sourced, stamped, and include RFD’s from our suppliers, Trinity Guardrail and Gregory Industries. We do this in the event of an issue – (defect or theft) so that we know and can track our inventory movement.


Our DOT Fencing is focused on keeping wildlife protected and our roads safe. Fencing is mandated across most of the roadways in Florida. Our experience in installing and maintaining fencing full time makes us the first call for our clients. Fencing comes in all types and sizes, from wood (farm) fencing to galvanized steel chain links. There are also multiple variations and sizes. Our focus is strictly on DOT-type fencing for either DOT jobs or private ones that adhere to DOT specifications.


Attenuators and crash cushions are used to protect vehicles from hitting dangerous impact points. Proper installation of these life-saving devices is essential, and we are focused on providing emergency service to our clients 24/7. Whether it is cartridges or nose assemblies or any other attenuator parts, we are your direct source. Our inventory is vast and can be installed immediately.


Our maintenance services in Florida span along most of the major roadways and in the largest populated cities and counties. In addition to maintaining guardrail for the DOT, Florida Turnpike Enterprise, and dozens of municipalities, counties, and townships, we also fix and maintain fencing, perform concrete barrier repairs, handrail, pedrail, and bike rail maintenance. We also handle the outsourced maintenance operations for many of the country’s leading national asset maintenance companies- specifically handling their “heavy-duty” guardrail, fence, and handrail repairs.