Guardrail – Florida, Georgia, and Texas

Guardrails are an essential tool for securing people on the move. These boundary gears prevent drivers from accidentally venturing off into dangerous zones that may threaten their lives. Unlike regular fences, guardrails offer more protection to various sizes of vehicles. At South East Highway, we provide the most robust varieties you can find on the market. Our company provides superior quality safety guardrails that can easily withstand heavy weights and forces. Thus, our product is the perfect component for your highway construction needs. We cater to all areas of Florida, Georgia, and Texas. So, if you’re in any one of these locations, we’ve got you covered. We provide the best guardrail clients vouch for! To top it off, our customers benefit from:

Highway construction is pretty time-consuming and costly. Verily, all components should be of good quality so that the project turns out great. As the best highway guardrail suppliers, we guarantee that our customers never have to worry about our product’s longevity. We use state-of-the-art technology and top-notch materials that last a long time. Our guardrails are sturdy and require very little maintenance. Rest assured, you won’t have to spend any money replacing them for many years!

High Strength
If you’re worried about the corrugated strength of our guardrail fence, don’t be! These act as the perfect barrier and can easily sustain any blunt force. Their effective structure and design ensure the protection of all vehicle drivers on the highway.

Quick Installation
Our highway guardrail installation enables a fast and easy procedure so your construction project can be completed on time. Every rail is uniformly portioned, and it can be connected within the overall fence. We have experienced guardrail installers that promptly offer viable solutions to all our customers.

We maintain sufficient inventory levels so that even emergency orders are completed on time, and all customers are catered to regardless of their location. We provide 24/7 services for guardrails. South East Highway flaunts a long list of local and regional customers, including the Department of Transportations in Florida (FDOT), Texas (TXDOT) and Georgia (GDOT), and the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. Other clients include well-known contractors and private customers who have been benefiting from our guardrails in Florida for a long time. We also have a separate division catering specifically to our private customers, which includes shopping centers, fast food restaurants, car dealers, delivery hubs, amusement parks, and auto racing tracks, among others. We are super proud of our long-standing membership with the Florida Transportation Builders Association (FTBA) and the AGC’s of Georgia and Texas as well as ATTSA. Guardrail and end treatments are sourced, stamped, and include RFD’s from our suppliers, Trinity Guardrail and Gregory Industries. We do this in the event of an issue – (defect or theft) so that we know and can track our inventory movement.

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Southeast Highway are soliciting subcontractors quotes for the PBC Guardrail Maintenance Contract
Firms must be S/M/WBE and have an office in PBC.

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