Hurricane Cleanup - Florida, Georgia, and Texas

Certain parts of the US are more prone to hurricanes and violent storms than others. With climate change on the rise, the frequency of such occurrences has increased. South East Highway recognizes the misery hurricanes can cause for a community. We provide a thorough hurricane cleanup in Florida to ensure that people return to everyday life in the shortest time possible. The damage inflicted is considerable, but before anything can be repaired, the first step is to clean up the mess! We value your safety above all else which is why we don’t want you to take it upon yourself. Once a hurricane strikes, it results in a lot of debris everywhere and this poses significant threats of injury. If your house, apartment, or office building has been affected, you shouldn’t be entering any such spaces until the debris has been cleared out.

Let South East Highway professionals handle it
From the Central part of Florida, mainly Orlando, and extending to both coasts, Southeast Highway is responsible for the cleanup and welfare of 17 counties and a large part of the Florida Turnpike Enterprise Authority’s roadways across Florida during hurricanes, severe tropical storms, and other natural disasters. We work closely and coordinate with County governments and the Turnpike authority throughout the state of Florida to clean debris from roadways during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

24/7 emergency services
South East Highway experts have the right kind of resources that make damage control possible. Nobody knows when disaster will strike, so we are always prepared to come to your rescue when the need arises. Our team of professionals is all OSHA-trained, certified, and highly capable of tending to situations of disastrous nature. Regardless of wherever you are, our services cover various areas in the US; we even provide hurricane cleanup in Georgia and Texas! Therefore, it doesn’t matter how severe the situation may seem; we’ve got your back. With our experience in the domain, we can assure you that our professionals will effectively resolve the problem.

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Southeast Highway are soliciting subcontractors quotes for the PBC Guardrail Maintenance Contract
Firms must be S/M/WBE and have an office in PBC.

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